Bachelors in Commerce is a very sought after course for most of the commerce students. They study meticulously in Class 12 to secure position in their dream college especially if we talk about Delhi University. It is a three year undergraduate course after which the students get their degrees from their respective colleges. This is the most studied as well as a very reputed course which provides extensive knowledge in various domains of the commerce sector.

Going by the records of past years, we can say that getting admission is not at all easy as the cut off’s have been really very high, almost sky soaring. The reason for the cut off’s being so high is that the course is well liked by the aspirants. So, really one needs to get 90 or above in each of the main subjects to get anywhere in DU. If we talk about any other college or universities, a test called Common Entrance Test(CET) is conducted to select aspirants on the basis of merit and their marks scored in the very examination. B.Com is of two types, one is B.Com (Hons.) while the other is B.Com (Prog.) course.

Although both fetch you with a bachelor’s degree but there are variations; like in the syllabus, its importance and job prospects after that. The basic difference between both of them lies in the fact that the demand for the hons. Course is always high and will remain so in the future also going by the analysis. Also, the demand of trade additionally goes more in favor of the hons. Following students than for the latter. Once the students complete their degree course, they go for further studies that are they pursue their Masters in Commerce & MBA etc. while many directly look for jobs. And after this, many go a step higher to gain extensive knowledge; they prosecute by doing Doctorate (PhD) which is also a two year course. The person after doing the doctorate course gets qualified in a specific subject and is apt to teach students at university level.