Common Proficiency Test


The minimum passing criteria for the exam is that the student at least needs to score a minimum of 30 % in both the sections and a minimum of 50 % in aggregate of all the sections comprised in the CA Foundation exam. For every correct answer, 1 mark is awarded whereas ¼ is deducted for every wrong answer.

Preparing for CA Foundation is not that lucid. But that doesn’t mean, it is not possible; with the right approach one can crack it.


  • Just believe in yourself and confirm yourself that yes, you can do it.
  • Study systematically and make sure that you don’t overstrain yourself.
  • Complete your syllabus and revision well in advance.
  • Clear the concepts in your mind.
  • Practicing past year papers along with mock papers- This will help you in boosting the exam feel & you can rate yourself that where you stand and how much you need to work more towards achieving your target.
  • As per your convenience, read good books and join Vidyadhan Academy as we provide you with good books and study materials that will help in the long run.
  • Practice more and more- This is very essential as after grasping all concepts, one needs to practice it so that you are able to reproduce it in during your exams and you don’t suffer from exam blues.