CLASS 11th

Insight of XI Commerce

This is all together being a different cum new phase of your life & for many of the new entrants can be troublesome as they take it lightly. It is quite a difficult stage and is so on the grounds that; you encounter detailed study whereas at one time you were studying with a gist solely. Now you will be specializing in a particular sector & gaining knowledge about the commerce fields in detail.


If you have the knack to consume all the concepts then this is the apt subject for you, be it the macro or micro, if you practice numerical and concepts well; you can soon be the highest scorer.


Though the lucid one, but mostly ignored by the students for the same reason. Well we know that your core subjects are those which have been previously mentioned but you can’t simply ignore it. It can bring your percentage up.


The very subject is very essential from the students as this builds your base for complex calculation that you will be performing later on. Commerce without mathematics is not as promising as commerce with mathematics. Keep this is in mind, you can’t cram in this subject, you have to understand that concept no matter what, then only you can tackle the vast syllabus and come out with flying colors.


One of the toughest subjects for most of the students. But if you will study well right from the very beginning then we can assure you will be able to score quite easily.

Business Studies

A totally theory based subject which students love and score good in it during the examinations.